Want to date with confidence again?

Use this easy product for those occasional breakouts and live healthy, happy and confident again*.


Taking Herpalite tablets once per day has made my breakouts a non-event*.

N. Gorgens, Health Consultant

What you will get

Smile again without worry of red bumps or sores*
Date with confidence and wellness
More comfort during intimate moments*

Here is how it works

Healthy Tissues

Occasionally sensitive sores can be red and inflamed – Herpalite promotes a healthy skin color and soothes swollen tissues*.

Your feeling of helplessness will vanish quickly.

Glowing, Healthy Skin

By maintaining healthy skin and promoting skin conditioning properties, Herpalite makes you feel confident again*.

Some customers reported their skin was shown to heal 3 days faster than normal.~
~statement is based on specific case, results vary from person to person

Super Immune System

Your daily defence system is always working.
Herpalite helps promote a strong, healthy immune system*.

Healthy immune systems heal viral sores faster*.

Reduce Recurrences

Helps maintain the natural balance of a healthy body*.
Making recurrences a distant memory*.


Herpalite is made in an FDA approved facility with the finest ingredients. Better ingredients, better results, NO SIDE EFFECTS*.


You’ll be blown away by the success you have with Herpalite. It is designed to utilize your body’s natural mechanisms and has the highest success rate in on the market*.


Of all products available on the market today, Herpalite offers the most effective product at the lowest cost. The bang for your buck is unparalleled by any other product*.

What customers are saying …

I started getting sores about 4 years ago. I get pretty regular breakouts. The sores used to last about 10 days, but with this product they are gone in about 4 days. That is faster than with anything else I have tried*.

C. Fuentes – Vernon, Florida

I paid $45 for a 4 day perscription for my outbreak. It barely helped. When I tried Herpalite, I was amazed at how much more effective the formula was and at half the cost*!

Allison O’Donnell – BC, Canada

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It’s time to take control and see fast progress in your health and personal life*.


About the Creator

My name is Amanda Piasta and I’m a bit of health nut. Whilst in my mid 20’s, I learned I had been infected with HSV and had to figure out a way to treat it, but I despised use of pharmaceuticals & chemicals. I now use my passion for natural remedies to teach like-minded clients how to tackle their outbreaks*. Together, we can discuss lifestyle habits, dietary issues, what works, and what doesn’t. Over the years I have learned that not everyone has the same reaction to perscriptions, so I set out to discover the best natural formula. Today, it is called “Herpalite”, and I would like to share these ingredients with people all around the world, at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Herpalite is not affiliated with Herpaflor.
You can still get the same great, guaranteed formula in Herpalite at an amazing price and with responsive customer support.
Herpalite offers you an experience to begin enjoying your life again.

While you may still develop outbreaks depending on the diet and lifestyle you choose, the benefit you will receive with Herpalite is an all-in-one solution*.

We combine the BEST quality, researched and proven ingredients against sensitive sores. It saves you time, money & suffering in all respects*.

Read more about the ingredients

Absolutely. There is a topical solution that is available for Order Here. Subscribe to our Newsletter to stay up to date with new products, discounts and sales.
Some people have reported feeling a difference in a little as 1 hour after taking the Herpalite Daily tablets+*.

On average, most breakouts seem to subside within 4-5 days, depending on the severity*.

+This statement is a one-off case and most clients experience relief in 3-5 days*

For those who cannot describe their instance as ‘occasional’, we suggest a double-dose. Please Contact Us for more details.

If you are not 100% satisfied with our product, return the unused portion for a full refund, no questions asked.

We stand by our money-back guarantee because we believe only the best products should be available for sale.


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* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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